About us

About us

The Company

We are a progressive lighting solution company with a wealth of experience and an established global network. This allows us to offer you the best possible lighting solutions.

Your business is unique. Our wide range of products, backed up by friendly service and expert consultancy, will match your needs to the lighting solutions offered.

The team of experienced lighting designers and engineers are able to work with an exciting range of products catering for a wide diversity of needs. This includes residential, commercial, government, education, healthcare, industrial, recreational, hospitality and retail.

By listening to your needs, our marketing and design teams will be able to analyse them and develop an individual lighting solution that is both practical and in tune with business, because:

“When Your Business Depends On Light, You Can Depend On Luminia”...

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For Our Environment

Demand for energy is rising at an ever increasing rate and simply building more generation capacity is not the answer.

Most of the energy we use for lighting relies on burning fossil fuels such as gas, oil and coal. Fossil fuel accounts for the majority of the world's annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Products and technology exist to reduce our energy consumption whilst maintaining our lifestyle.

Protect our environment

Luminia Lighting’s philosophy is simply to offer easy and cost effective ways for the average customer to make a difference to the environment.

This not only delivers significant cost savings related to the reduction in energy consumed but also delivers even more significant benefits to our environment.

This means that Luminia Lighting ECOSmart customers will contribute to a better planet by reducing carbon emission and help to combat climate change.

We all need to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Becoming more energy efficient is an important step and Luminia Lighting is there to assist you in taking those steps and making the change. So support Luminia Lighting ECOSmart products. This will improve your environment and maintain it for your children along with future generations.

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