Slimline Batten T5 Series

Slimline Batten T5 Series (5 sản phẩm)


  • Enhanced performance enabling Greenstar and BCA compliant designs
  • Durable white epoxy coated inside and out
  • Unprecedented protection and the highest quality finish
  • Steel construction
  • Ultra-slim base width of just 44mm for single and twin
  • Easy access to the gear tray without tools (90* toggles)
  • Replaceable lamp holder
  • UV stablised, non-discolouring, high impact end cap
  • No special tools or end cap drilling required
  • Energy efficient 30000hr electronic control gear
  • Under voltage protection (shut down) below 160V AC - Over voltage protection 320V AC
  • Operating frequency > 39kHz flicker free
  • Power factor > 0.95
  • AC operation 198-264V
  • Automatic re-start after lamp change
  • Start within 1.5s
  • Available with self contained emergency/evacuation
  • Industrial
  • Task lighting
  • Storage areas
  • Cupboards
  • Toilets
  • Amenities

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